A. 5 min coach’s choice B. Sumo Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 C. 1 round every 6 min x 5 sets 800m run 50′ Bear Crawl 1 Rope Climb D. Alexander Shoulder stretch 2 min per side

A. 5 min your choice + 5 min coach’s choice + 5 min muscle up skill work B. 10 min EMOM 1- 1 Strict Ring muscle up * Spotted if need be 2- 1-2 Strict HSPU * Use a deficit to add challenge C. For time 100 double unders 60 KBS 35/50 40 Push ups…

We have had to make a slight adjustment to the programming!  Swimming will now take place on Friday’s with our MAP sets moving to Wednesday’s.   A. 5 min your choice+ 5 min my choice + 5 min specific B. Rear foot elevated split squats in the front rack- 8 reps/ leg x 4 sets….





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